Sample Character Goals

Every character you play must have a goal: something of personal importance that drives them to risk life and limb exploring the Basin. This goal will say a great deal about your character’s personality and motivations, so choose wisely. When you first create a character, you can write your own goal from scratch or pick one from the sample list below.

Whenever you achieve your goal — or make significant progress towards it, if it’s more of a long-term goal — the GM will award you one or more Awesome Points straight from The Stack. And once you pick a goal, it is not set in stone: you can change your goal once per session.

The goals in the sample list are rather purposefully vague. If you pick one of these, you are strongly encouraged to make up some details about it. The GM is always happy to help in that department.

  1. An old friend, lover, or mentor in the Society has gone missing, and you’re going to find them. They were last seen in Port Barsoom.
  2. You want to be the first Pathfinder to make contact with a reclusive tribe rumored to live in the depths of the wild.
  3. By means fair or foul, you seek wealth great enough to serve as the startup capital for a grand business venture.
  4. One of the other Pathfinders saved your life once, and now you accompany him or her as a bodyguard until you can return the favor. (This is a good one if you plan to keep playing in the same group as a friend.)
  5. Mighty beasts live in the jungle, and you will have their heads as trophies!
  6. You’re obsessed with finding a strange and fantastical place or artifact that most people assume is just a myth.
  7. A family member with a chronic illness has traveled with you to Port Barsoom, after the two of you hear that a cure may be found in the jungle.
  8. One day your name will be immortalized on a cartographer’s map as the first Pathfinder to climb a peak, plumb the depths of a cavern system, or find the headwaters of the Python River itself.
  9. You’re not actually a Pathfinder just yet: you’re desperately trying to prove yourself worthy of membership in the Society. (Why?)
  10. You have a professional rival within the Society, and you will go to any length to outdo them.
  11. Your clan or tribe has been displaced, and now you search on their behalf for a new place to call home.
  12. Some ivory-tower professor too frail to do his own field work has commissioned you to prove (or disprove) a hypothesis about the Basin or its inhabitants.

Sample Character Goals

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