Port Barsoom

Population: only 800 full-time residents, but many more itinerant sailors and merchants stopped over at any one time. Majority are humans or goblins (about evenly split), rest elves and dwarves.

Port Barsoom was named after Captain Rashid Barsoom, the Federation explorer who discovered the Python River and and made the first peaceful contact with the Anawak goblin tribe. The settlement is situated on the smallest island at the seaward edge of the delta, which the Anawak granted to the human settlers because its rocky terrain was ill-suited for growing the goblins’ staple fruits and tubers. It does feature a natural harbor though, so the Federation chalked that agreement up as a win.

Throughout its brief history, Port Barsoom has primarily served as a supply stop for Federation freighters navigating established trade routes. Ships dock there to take on fresh water and food grown by goblin settlements on the more fertile delta islands, while the merchants browse for exotic goblin-crafted baubles to sell to a credulous market back home. Little exploration of the surrounding region has taken place, mostly because none of the early expeditions ever returned to share their findings. What little knowledge the Pathfinder has of the local geography comes tales told by the Anawak goblins, and that’s all secondhand knowledge itself — the Anawak have kept to their relatively safe islands for many generations now.

The local architecture is a curious mix of local materials and foreign styles. Open-air wooden structures with thatch roofs are the most popular, as it allows the sea breeze to mitigate the unrelenting tropical heat. A construction boom is currently underway, with stone ramparts going up around the settlement in response to rising military tensions between the Federation and the Empire.

Interesting Locations:

  • The Crow’s Nest — tavern catering to sailors on shore leave. Doubles as the local Pathfinder Lodge.
  • The Bazaar
  • The Warrens, aka the Goblin Quarter
  • The Rolling Stone Mining Consortium (RSMC) — represents the mining interests of a number of allied dwarven clans seeking to establish operations on the New Continent. Currently trying to attract new prospectors.

Notable NPCs:

  • Percival MacPhearson: burly ex-whaler and current proprietor of The Crow’s Nest. Keeps a harpoon behind the bar. Nickname: “Fearsome Mac.”
  • Ahmed Barsoom: grown son of Captain Rashid Barsoom. Wealthy merchant who runs the Bazaar. Has an extensive list of business contacts.
  • Bozro Bandurin: grizzled graybeard in charge of the local branch of the RSMC. Lost his left leg below the knee to a mining accident decades ago.
  • Taywen and “Animal” — pretty elf violinist and crazed goblin drummer who perform at The Crow’s Nest.
  • Maureen Andrews — Captain of the Watch. Not much taller than a dwarf but twice as stubborn. Keeps the peace quite effectively, thank you very much.
  • Granny Moikyna — elder and sage of the Anawak goblins. Go-to source for tribal legends and jungle lore.
  • Shepherd Gethii — cleric of Fharlangh (patron deity of travelers) who maintains an ecumenical temple serving the various religious needs of all who pass through Port Barsoom. Good friend of Granny Moikyna.

Port Barsoom

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