Explorers of the Python River Basin

Editors' Guidelines for Article Submissions
[read: how and why you should write up blog entries for your sessions]

[GM’s notes for the players have been bracketed and italicized throughout.]


As you all know, the Pathfinder Society is partially funded by the publication and sale of the Pathfinder Chronicles [think National Geographic magazine with slightly less journalistic integrity]. While our editorial staff can do a pretty good job of cobbling together articles from the field reports you submit [this is one of the things your characters are assumed to be automatically doing between expeditions], our readership has been clamoring for raw stories written by the Society’s explorers in their own voices. The Chronicles will pay extra money [and you’ll get extra Awesome Points from the GM] for any article written by you about an expedition you have returned from, and will possibly even approve sizable research grants for follow-up adventures if your stories really pique the interest of our subscribers.

Here is what we like to see in a story submitted for publication:

  • Keep it concise. We publish journals, not novels. We would also like to leave enough room to print the ever-popular illustrations.
  • Focus on the highlights of your expedition. Nobody wants to read a blow-by-blow account of every minute you spent in the bush. We have found that our readers tend to skip to the parts where the explorers face great danger, discover exotic new flora and fauna, and encounter strange new people.
  • Do not be afraid to embellish the facts. Tales of larger-than-life exploits make for good circulation figures! Unfettered speculations about the significance of your findings are also welcome.
  • Write about each expedition as soon as possible! In our experience the best articles are written by explorers who have just returned from the field with the details still fresh in their minds.

Our editorial staff reserves the right to proofread each article and correct any glaring punctuation or capitalization errors, but will leave your writing unmolested in all other ways. We eagerly await your submissions. [To begin writing, click the Create New Post button at the top of the page. All Adventure Log posts are also wiki pages: you can link back and forth to other wiki articles, character profiles, etc.]


Jerusalem Thompson
Chief Editor


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